Our Story

Every day over 37,000 thousand websites are hacked by digital terrorists, cyber bullies and bored kids.   Of those websites, WordPress accounts for three out of every four which makes perfect sense because 26% of all websites on the internet are in WordPress.  When you are the big kid on the block, hackers are going to target you because there are millions more websites to spread their malware on a wider basis so why waste time with the minor leaguers?

So why start CleanItPress?  The truth is that we have had many of our own personal and business WordPress websites infiltrated by these hackers in the past.  Most of us are entrepreneurs from numerous industries that shared this one common bond – we had all been hacked and were tired of being pushed around and feeling helpless.

Today, CleanItPress stands as a beacon of hope for WordPress bloggers and businesses knowing that they have an invisible guardian watching over their websites.  Now you can focus on running your website without having to worry about what to do if you are ever hacked because you have the peace of mind knowing CleanItPress will be there.


Featured Security Ninja

Noman Riffat

Noman has been in the anti-malware industry for the last four years.  He has his Bachelors degree in Computer Networking and Communications from CIIT Wah and as a whitehat hacker he understands better than anyone the tricks and strategies hackers use to get into your website.  To beat the best, you have to hire the best.

Speaking of the best, while assisting one of our clients, Noman found a bug in cPanel and for his efforts he was added to their “Hall of Fame” for 2016: https://cpanel.com/cpanel-security-hall-of-fame/

In his spare time, Noman enjoys playing xbox, Netflix binging and laying the smack down on hackers.