The short answer is “yes”.   Let’s face it.  If our own government has a hard time of keeping out hackers, then your website can and will be hacked at some point.

Do WordPress Websites Have Bad Security?

Absolutely not.  Right out of the box, WordPress encourages users to create custom and secure passwords during the installation process.  However, it cannot force users to create good passwords so many people use very common and easy to hack passwords.  One of the most common usernames to get hacked is “admin” and most people today still use it.  Most of the time it’s because people have usernames and passwords that are simply not secure enough.  So while it is a pain to have to create those really weird passwords that contain an number, symbol, characters, Chinese symbol, your blood type and some sort of caveman scribbling, it helps make it harder the hackers to get in!

What Are The Odds That My WordPress Website Will Be Hacked?

Really good.  Statistics show us that 37,000 websites are hacked DAILY.  Not a year.  Every single day.  You want to know how many of those website ran WordPress?  Three out of four.  So you have a 75% chance of being hacked on any given day.

Why Do WordPress Websites Get Hacked So Much?

Why does anything bad happen in the world.  Pretty much every single crime goes back to one word – money.  The largest base of hackers in the world are from the porn industry which explains why so many websites end up with porn link hacks.  Those websites generate billions of dollars in revenue cumulatively yearly so they have the resources and the income to fund these hacks to drive more traffic to their websites.  Most of these attacks are honestly random in that the hackers don’t have anything personal against your website.  Your website just happened to be the one they were able to hack first.

What Can I Do To Protect My WordPress Website?

The first step is to get your website scanned, cleaned and secured by CleanItPress.  We recommend our Business package which includes Malware and Virus Removal, Firewall and Manual Security Hardening and our Malware and Hacking Attempt Scans to help prevent future hacks.  Don’t wait until your website is hacked.  Get protected today!