Frequently Asked Questions

How do you secure my website?
After the malware and viruses have been removed from your WordPress website, our security experts will install and setup professional grade firewalls and security protocols to help thwart future attacks and make it more difficult for the hackers to get into WordPress and do more damage.
How do you clean my website?
Our unique anti-malware software identifies thousands of known security issues and automatically deletes them from your WordPress website. However, hackers are constantly making it more and more difficult to find their malware so we will manually inspect your code and remove any that are missed by our software.
How do you scan my website?
Our malware experts will scan your entire website including your code, plugins and MySQL database so that we can properly diagnose what virus or malware has infected your WordPress website.
What do you need to start removing malware from my WordPress website?
Our team will need your Hosting Manager Login credentials e.g., (cPanel or Plesk) along with the FTP login (user and password). We will also need you to provide fresh copies of any paid or premium plugins, themes being used on your WordPress website. You will need to redownload from where you purchased e.g., Themeforest and attach them to your Support Ticket.
Will the cleanup process break my website?
Part of the process involves installing updates to your plugins, themes and WordPress core. While it is not common, your website may break when installing the updates. You will need to contact a web developer to fix any issues that may arise and we recommend BIG THINK Web Creative who developed our website.
How long does it take to remove the malware and secure WordPress?
Typically the complete process can take up to 24 hours which is why it important to purchase a plan with a speedy response time. Removing your WordPress website from any blacklists depends on which list your site was on but can take up to 72 hours for them to update their database.
Will my website be down while you clean it?
Yes. To protect your server and your customers, we will take the website offline while we are working on it.
Will you backup my WordPress website before fixing it?
Yes. A complete backup of the site code and database will be created and stored locally on our system.
Do you offer refunds?
If your website is hacked again in the future, we will fix the issue at no extra charge to you as long as you have a current subscription plan. One Time Cleanings have a 90 day guarantee and we will scan, clean and secure your website at no extra charge. If you are out of your 90 days, then you will have to either purchase a subscription or another One Time package.