WordPress Website Security

wordpress website security

Our antivirus software and firewalls give your WordPress website the ability to go on the offensive by identifying intruders before they have had a chance to even try and enter your website.

Get protected.  Clean and secure your website today with CleanItPress.


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Hacked Websites Run WordPress

hacked WordPress website

“Our WordPress malware technician was very knowledgeable, very easy to work with, completed the work fast and accurately, went out of his way to help me understand the level of vulnerability of my sites and helped me build a solid security infrastructure.”

Cynthia Flores de Zarza

Multiple WordPress Websites

Antivirus and Malware Security You Can Trust

There are three basic steps to securing your WordPress website from hackers that we setup for every client website.

Setup Secure Firewall

Malicious attack software and automated injection bots run 24 hours a day searching out vulnerable WordPress websites that they can prey upon.  With our Antivirus Firewall, our software is always awake and waiting for these intruders with it’s own automated firewall rule updates from the Threat Defense Feed and will block the attacks based upon previous attack strategies.

Manual Security Hardening

After installing and configuring our Antivirus Firewall, it is critical that your code, plugins and database be manually hardened by our anti-malware technicians to create an even tighter security seal around your WordPress website.    Our team will do a full evaluation of your existing websites security protocols (login pages, user dashboards, etc.) and increase the level of protection by manually decreasing the accessibility to the backend and administrative areas.

24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring

Your WordPress website stays up and running 24 hours a day so you need protection that is always there.   Our Antivirus Firewall runs quietly in the background monitoring your incoming traffic and automatically locks out intruders that attempt brute force attacks as well as fake search engine bots that masquerade as the real ones.  You can rest easy at night knowing your WordPress website is safe from harm and unsavory people trying to get in.

Clean and Secure Your WordPress Website Today

Don't be one of the 37 thousand WordPress websites that get hacked every day.  Secure and protect your website with CleanItPress now.