WordPress Website Hacked?

Wordpress website hacked

CleanItPress can help remove malware, defacements, worms, rootkits, spyware, adware, trojans and other viruses that have infected in your WordPres website.

Don’t let cyber bullies ruin your website.  Get your WordPress website cleaned and protected today by the malware experts.


Billed $299.99 Annually


Hacked Websites Run WordPress

WordPress website hacked

“CleanItPress was a great help in protecting our site. Well experienced with WordPress and security….Highly recommend.”

MD Hossain


How Do We Clean And Secure Your WordPress Website?

While the process of cleaning a website that is infected with malware is quite extensive, we have simplified the process into three main areas to give you a better idea of what CleanItPress will do to clean and secure your WordPress website.

Scan Your Website

Scan Your Website

Our malware experts will scan your entire website including your code, plugins and MySQL database so that we can properly diagnose what virus or malware has infected your WordPress website.  Many anti-malware programs out there simply treat the symptoms but at CleanItPress, we want to know the cause so we can install the cure.

Remove Malware

Our unique anti-malware software identifies thousands of known security issues and automatically deletes them from your WordPress website.  However, hackers are constantly making it more and more difficult to find their malware so we will manually inspect your code and remove any that are missed by our software.

Remove Malware
Install Website Protection

Install Protection

After the malware and viruses have been removed from your WordPress website, our security experts will install and setup professional grade firewalls and security protocols to help thwart future attacks and make it more difficult for the hackers to get into WordPress and do more damage.  If a hacker manages to get in again, we will scan, clean and secure your site at no extra charge. *

* Must have an active subscription to one of our plans.

Clean and Secure Your WordPress Website Today

Don't be one of the 37 thousand WordPress websites that get hacked every day.  Secure and protect your website with CleanItPress now.